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100,000 Tons/Year Small Concrete Processing Plant

Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd.
Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd.
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100,000 Tons/Year Small Concrete Processing Plant

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The mechanical vertical kiln is the medium and small type cement clinker calcining equipment, matched with the kiln surface, kiln bottom, and partial fire control systems. It has the following features such as strong ventilating ability, quick calcination and fast cooling, and at last supply the technical services.
NoName and specificationTechnical parameterAmountRemarks
Plate feeder
Q:18-110T/h N:15kW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd
2PE600×900 crusherQ:56T/h N:55KW1
3HD8964L-A bag filterQ:4200-5200m3/h
1Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd
4FF300S flap valveQ:6-12T/h1
5TD75 belt conveyorB650×23.022m Q:140T/h N:5.5kW1
6PC1010 hammer crusherQ:60-80T/h N=132kW1
7MW-66-12B sleeve type dust collectorQ:10800-14400m3/h1
8FanC4-73-11-No5.5C Q=14700m3/h , N=22kW1
9TH400 bucket elevatorQ:58 m3/h N:15kW1
10BZ-1 bar valve600×6002
11TDG65 adjusting speed scaleQ:24T/h2
13TDG50 adjusting scaleQ:6.5T/h2
14TDG50 adjusting scaleQ:1.5T/h2
15HD8948C bag filterQ:2000-3000m3/h
16TD75 belt conveyorB500; L:38.85m
N:80T/h; N:5.5kW
17TD75 belt conveyorB500×17.1m; α:17°;
Q:15T/h; N:3KW
18400×600 clay crusherQ=10-15T/h; N:15kW;
dv≤400mm; dr≤25mm
19TD75 belt conveyorB500×30.5m;Q:80T/h
α:15°42’; N:5.5kW
20TD75 belt conveyorB500×6.1m;Q:15-20T/h
21TH315 bucket elevatorC=9.763 Q:35m3/h; N:7.5kW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group Co.,Ltd
22SM500 coal crushing machineQ:5-8T/h; N:7.5kW1
23TH315 bucket elevatorC=13.347m Q:35m3/h; N:7.5kW1
25GZIF electric vibrating machineN:60W1
269-19No6.3A fanQ:3972m3/h; P:9650Pa; N:18.5kW1
27Butterfly valve1
28GJH2212 dryerφ2.2×12m; Q:10-60T/h; N:22kW1
29DFF300S electric flapQ:6-12T/h; N:0.55kW1
30TH315 bucket elevatorC:26.659; Q:35m3/h; N:11kW1
31CLK4×60 diffusion type dust collectorQ=27000m3/h1
32DFF220 electric flap valveN:0.37kW1
33CWB-15 horizontal electrostatic precipitatorQ=30000-37400m3/h; loc>99.5%1
34G4-73-11No.9D fanQ=24000m3/h;P:2670Pa; N:30kW1
35LS200 screw conveyorL:11m; N:2.2kW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
36MB2270 ball millφ2.2×7m;Q:20-25T/h; N:380KW1
37DFF400S electric flap valveQ:20-60T/h; N:0.75kW1
38TH400 bucket elevatorC=21.152; Q:58 m3/h; N:15kW1
39QLL4.0m separatorN:45kW; φ4m1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
40DFF400S electric flap valve2
41LS400L=15.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:11kW1
42Th315 bucket elevatorC=15.395; Q= 35m3/h; N:11kW1
43WL single tube machineφ300×1460m; Q:35T/h; N:3kW1
44Ls400 screw conveyorL=13.500m; Q:45m3/h; N:7.5kW1
45Th315 bucket elevatorC=21.539; Q= 35m3/h; N:11kW1
46CLK2×7 diffusion type cyclone dust collectorQ:12900-18400m3/h1
47CWB.7 horizontal electrostatic precipitatorQ:15000-18700m3/h1
48DFF150 electric flap valve0.37-0.55Kw1
494-72-11No.6C fanQ:15800m3/h; P:2480Pa; N:18.5kW1
50LS400 screw conveyorL=23.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:11kW1
51LS400 screw conveyorL=24.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:11kW1
52LS400 screw conveyorL=24.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:11kW1
53LS400 screw conveyorL=22.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:11kW1
54HD8948C single machine bag filterQ:2000-3000m3/h; N:5.5kW+0.75kW2Jiangsu Pengfei Group
55TH315 bucket elevatorC=23.587m; Q:35m3/h; 11KW1
57LS400 screw conveyorL=8.500m; Q:36.2m3/h; N:5.5kW1
58Rigid impeller machine300×300; 1.5kW1
59TH315 bucket elevatorC=15.395m; Q:35m3/h; 11KW1
60TH315 bucket elevatorC=22.051; Q:35m3/h; 11KW1
61SWL250×2000 double tube machineQ:11-34m3/h; N:7.5kW1
62LXC-H screw electric scale1
632J5.5×3000 Double axis machineQ:25T/h; N:15kW1
64QPY36 granulatorφ3.6m; Q:18-22T/h; N:18.5KW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
65TD75 belt conveyorB500×6.5m; Q:120T/h; N:5.5kW1
66CD0.5-6A electric hoist1
67φ3×11m mechanical vertical kilnQ:11-13T/h1
68L94WD Roots blowerQ:359m3/h,P:294KPa; N:245kW1
69ZLX-9 noise reducer1
70LS200 screw conveyorL=4m; 2.2kW1
71LS200 screw conveyorL=8m; 2.2kW1
72LS200 screw conveyorL=11m; 2.2kW1
73PEX150×750 crusherQ:8.35T/h; N:15kW1
74B360 horizontal sealing machineL=5.5m; Q:21T/h; N:5.5kW1
75TH315 bucket elevatorC:22.563m; 11kW1
76KSIII-400 machine at the top of siloL=31.800m; 11kW1
77HD8948C single machine bag filterQ:2000-3000m3/h; 5.5kW-2P1
78CWB-3 horizontal e3lectrostatic precipitatorQ:4500-7200m3/h1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
79DFF150 electric flap valve0.37-0.55kW1
80C648No.5C fanQ:7200m3/h; P:1850Pa; N:7.5kW1
81Ls200 screw conveyorL=6.5m1
83GZ-3 electric vibrating machineQ:25T/h4
84TD-75 belt conveyorB500×30m; 11kW1
85PE250×400 crusher250×400; Q:4-14m3/h; N:15kW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
86TH315 Bucket elevatorC:19.491m;Q:35m3/h; 11kW1
87TH315 Bucket elevatorC:17.433m;Q:35m3/h; 11kW1
89Belt scale TDG650Q:24T/h1
90Belt scale TDG500Q:6.5T/h1
91Belt scale TDG500Q:1.5T/h1
92MB2275 millφ2.2×7.5m;Q=16T/h;1
93DEF400S Electric flap valveQ:20-60T/h; N:0.75kW1
94CLK2×6 diffusion type cyclone dust collectorQ:12120-13500m3/h1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
95DFF150 electric flap valve1
96CWB6 horizontal electrostatic precipitatorQ:14200-17000 m3/h; loc>99.5%1
97LS400 screw conveyorL:13.500m; Q:36.2 m3/h; N:5.5kW1
98Y5-48-No.6.3C fanQ:12030 m3/h; P:2592Pa; N:15kw1
99TH315 bucket elevatorC:21.027m; 11kW1
100QLL4.0 separatorN:30kW; 3.5m1
101DFF400S electric flap valve0.75kW1
102LS400 screw conveyorL:13.500m; Q:36.2m3/h N:5.5kW1
103TH315 bucket elevatorC:15.395m; Q:35 m3/h; 11kW1
104Th315 bucket elevatorC:21.539m; Q:35 m3/h; 11kW1
105LS400 screw conveyorL:23.000m; Q:36.2m3/h N:11kW1
106LS400 screw conveyorL:25.000m; Q:36.2m3/h N:11kW1
107LS400 screw conveyorL:24.000m; Q:36.2m3/h N:11kW1
108HD8948C single machine bag filterQ:2000-3000m3/h; N:5.5kW+0.75kW1
110Rigid impeller feeder300×3006
111LS400 screw conveyorL:21.500m; Q:36.2m3/h N:11kW1
112TH315 bucket elevatorC:14.371m; N= 11kW1
113D870 rotary screenN:2.2kW; Q:30T/h1
114G4201 packing machineQ:30T/h; N:11kW1
115MW-N-140-SP bag filterQ:8400-16800; N:3kW+2.2kW+1.5kW1Jiangsu Pengfei Group
116Butterfly valveφ2003
1174-72-11No.5A fanQ:11830m3/h; P:2844Pa; N:15kW1
118LS-200 screw conveyorL=5m; N:2.2kW2
119LS400 screw conveyorL=4.5m; Q:36.2 m3/h; N:5.5kW1
120Belt conveyorB800×4000; N:3kW1

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